Wong Fu Productions: After Us



Because of Wong Fu, I found this incredible voice from Daphne Khoo singing a powerful song called “Weak”. I think this is so full of enthusiasm of struggling from time to time. So, yeah people can sometimes find their low point but there is no reason for them not to get up again. A line that strike me up the most is when she says “We gotta be lost to find, to find our way. Don’t be afraid”

FAR EAST MOVEMENT - “THE ILLEST” (LIVE) - ISA! Variety Game Show Season 2 Pt. 5

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ISA! is our take on the Asian Variety Game Show! In part 5, musical guests, Far East Movement perform their hits “The Illest’ and “Bang It To The Curb” live along with our contestants Amy Okuda, Philip Wang, Atomic Mari, Niko (Corridor Digital), Joe, Bart, Geo (Just Kidding Films), Cathy Nguyen, Megan Batoon, and Tim Delaghetto 

Far East Movement…



To be honest, on the guy side of the break-up (especially for those guys who initiate the break-up), the sequencing can be pretty much the same.

It’s not always because of incredibly selfish, douchey reasons that the initiator of the break-up decides to let things go. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to grow, even if it requires growing apart.

All the same motions are there, and it doesn’t hurt any less, but you grow stronger for it.

Brilliant work, Wong Fu! You’ve done it again, even if I’m on the other side of the “break-up” scene.



"After Us" is a short that Wong Fu Productions just uploaded and it honestly left me feeling so validated where I stand today in my current situation. If any of my followers are still trying to get over a breakup even in the slightest bit or are lingering on someone still and feel like you’re a terrible person for it perhaps you should set 12 minutes aside to watch this like I did. This is the second time Wong Fu Productions released a video at the right time where I needed to hear a reminder that I’m doing okay so I thought I’d share it with people. 

After Us

Ultimately the path to recovery is not to find someone new for yourself, but to find someone new in yourself.
Directed by Philip Wang
Written by Philip Wang with Christine Chen
Behind the Scenes:
Director’s Commentary: coming soon

Produced by 
Wesley Chan
Christine Chen
Ted Fu
Philip Wang

Victoria Park
Kevin Wu

Anna Lisa Flinchbaugh
Elissa Shay
Philip Wang 

Featured Music
"Siren" & "The View" - April Nhem
"Weak" - Daphne Khoo

Additional Music
Kenson Lee

Sound Recordist
Dennis Tran
Taylor Chan

Visual Effects
Kenson Lee

Behind the Scenes
Taylor Chan

Production Assistants
Melody Cheng
Jillian Barayang

Special Thanks
Chris Dinh
Diana Tran
Janice Paik
"Chynna" Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
"Factory Tea Bar" San Gabriel