Wong Fu Weekends RETURNING Sept 19!

We made a promise, and we’re excited to finally bring back WFWs!
Music: DANakaDAN “Stuntman” ft Priska & Paul Dateh http://youtu.be/ABazRWEvu18
Edited by Taylor Chan

4 years ago we started a weekly vlog series called “Wong Fu Weekends”. Since then we’ve gone on some crazy adventures over 100 episodes. We felt like we really connected with our viewers in a special way and that’s why we’re so glad to bring it back.

HITTING ON WES CHALLENGE! - ISA! Variety Game Show Season 2 Pt. 8

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Pt 7: Telepathy Challenge: http://youtu.be/Fs4dHh5i3rA
Pt 6: Ramen-Pocalypse: http://youtu.be/kA4jCzkVPXE
Pt 5: Far East Movement – The Illest (LIVE): http://youtu.be/Gk3xdhLB-uk
Pt 4: Blender of Death: http://youtu.be/qkdUsctVj7c
Pt 3: Wasabi Roulette: http://youtu.be/qCkuHLeAI0g
Pt 2: Get In The Car! Challenge: http://youtu.be/Ig19UuL-GBY
Pt 1: Ramen Challenge: http://youtu.be/cIq9CS5WOzc

ISA! is our take on the Asian Variety Game Shows! We brought together some of our favorite people in the community to play games and compete in challenges. Watch as our contestants, Cassey (Blogalities), Meghan (Strawburry17), Joey Graceffa, Wendy (Wendy’s Lookbook), Ki Hong Lee, Yuri Tag, Andrew Fung, and David Fung compete in the “Hitting on Wes” Challenge! Who will win over the Wesley Chan!? Find out in this episode of “ISA!” Variety Game Show! New Releases Every Thursday! 

Amy Okuda | http://twitter.com/AmyOkuda 
Philip Wang | http://twitter.com/PhilipWang

Cassey | https://www.youtube.com/blogilates
Meghan | https://www.youtube.com/Strawburry17
Joey Graceffa | https://www.youtube.com/JoeyGraceffa
Wendy | https://www.youtube.com/wendyslookbook
Ki Hong Lee | https://twitter.com/kihonglee
Yuri Tag | https://twitter.com/yuritag
Andrew Fung | https://www.youtube.com/FungBrosComedy
David Fung | https://www.youtube.com/FungBrosComedy

Wesley Chan | https://twitter.com/thewesleychan